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Info for moving data centers

In April 2016, Macminicolo and MacStadium merged to create the largest Mac hosting company in the world. If you read the post from Brian, you saw that there was a lot of thought and planning put into this move. As we make the migration to the new data center, here are some questions that have been asked and some answers that will help.

Is there anything to consider in moving to the new data centers?

There are a few things to consider:

There are a number of perks available at the new location. The list includes unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 on site support, hardware firewall options, remote reboot included, gigabit available, etc. All of this and you may end up paying less as well.

To host at a new data center, you’ll need to use a new IP address on the machine. Of course we will get that all assigned ahead of time so the machine is ready to go when it’s plugged in.

Also, your machine will be down in the time it takes to move the server. If you’re moving to the Las Vegas location, that should only be an hour or so to drive it over there. Shipping to Atlanta or Dublin would be a few days or more, depending on what speed you’d like to use for shipping. (The faster options are more expensive usually.)

How can I start the process?

In short, you'll be creating a new subscription and cancelling the old one. This will allow you to choose any new options and will automate the whole process.

You can first choose the new plan at the location of your choice. Here are the direct links:

Las Vegas colocation
Atlanta colocation
Dublin colocation

When you choose to "Sign Up" you'll be brought to the checkout page. If you are logged in already, you can complete the process and the new plan will be added to your current account. If you are not logged in, you'll be given a chance to do so near the top of the page:

Be sure to use the coupon code "MMCTRANSFER" to start with a free month in the new data center. That way, you have some time to get moved.

After check out, you'll receive an email with the IP address for your new data center. Just respond to that email and let us know that you'd like your Macminicolo machine moved to this new location and we'll work out a plan with you to get it there.

If you want to avoid having your machine offline or are looking for newer hardware, another option is moving to
a rental machine at any of our locations. Once setup, you can take your time to move services and data over to it. When you’re done with your colocated machine then we can ship it to you or we may be able to buy it from you. We'll figure this out as we make the plan with you.

Can I still add machines to our current location?

Unfortunately, no. All new machines and expansions will go into the new data center. The good news is that we have room for thousands and thousands of Mac minis here.

Anything else I should know?

The new location can only host the unibody/skinny Mac minis. Luckily, that is most of you since 2010. However, those who have the earlier/larger size Mac mini should contact us to work out a plan. Again, we'll make it as easy as possible.

Good news: If you have an external drive connected to your Mac mini, you don't need to include that as you signup for the new plan. The first external drive is now free in the new data center instead of $10/mo. Win, win.

How long can we stay at the Macminicolo location?

The original Macminicolo data center will be closed on 31 Dec 2017. This will be 20 months from the time of the merger so hopefully this is enough time for customers to make transfer plans.

Any other questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.