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An update for support requests

New features in a new place.


When Macminicolo and Macstadium merged, one of the benefits was to combine our customer support efforts. The backend merger is complete and you can now log in at the MacStadium customer portal with the same email and password that you used before. For future reference, the domain is

Benefits of the new system:

  • Your ticket will be handled by a team of engineers on hand 24/7
  • You can add additional users that can help manage your account and servers
  • You can start and stop services in any of our worldwide data centers
  • You can download PDF receipts for any charges starting September 2016
  • You can perform remote reboot and see network graphs

If there are any issues, please send us an email. It was quite the endeavor to get everything merged. I think we got it mostly right, but we're happy to help with any cleanup.