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iPhone Remote

Just recently, there was a new Mac freeware product that makes the iPhone even more useful. It is called iPhone Remote. When this application is started on your Mac, it creates a server that will allow you to run applications from your iPhone. For instance, you can use it as an iTunes Remote, run an applescript or browse your files and start an application. There's even a VNC-like app. IPhone Remote is still in development, but the interface is simple and beautiful. Just start it up and put in a username and password that you'll use to login from the iPhone. It will look like the image below. (Of course, much more clear.)


My favorite use for this application is that it allows you to access the files on your Mac. You are able to stream songs, movies, open PDF's and other documents. With a Mac mini in our data center, you'd be able to access all of your library from anywhere in the world. The connection on the mini serves the file up fast and surprisingly even EDGE is fast enough to receive a song or movie. (Though it will still be downloading as you watch it.) On wifi, it's seamless streaming.

As you'd imagine, this can be used for both business and pleasure. You could load your mini with all of your music, TV Shows, and movies and watch them from anywhere. But I could also see the benefit for business. Load up all your documents and presentations and access those from lunch or in a meeting. And, of course you can use the mini to serve up your website, email, and databases and if you have a problem while you're on the road you can log right in and work on it.

Below are some photos of my iPhone connected to my Mac mini. There's a sample of the file browser, a song, a movie of my son and a PDF document.


This application is great, and there's still more development to come. In fact, we think it's so cool, if you add your mini to our facility and tell us you're using iPhone Remote, we'll throw on some extra bandwidth. Get started here.

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