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What is
We are the original Mac mini colocation service. In other words, we place your Mac mini in a high-end data center where you can use it as a server. We offer you redundant very high speed internet connections, remote control electrical power, a highly secure location to house your Mac mini. Even though our facility is second to none, we are part of the Mac community and really enjoy being there for our clients the way a small company does. During the day, you can usually catch us right on Messages if you have any issues or questions.

Does the Mac mini really work well as a server?
Yes, it works very well. Apple agrees and calls it their " most popular server system." Over the past 10 years, we've had hundreds of Mac minis running in our facility with an overwhelming rate of complete satisfaction.

How do I get started?
Head over to the pricing and signup page to choose the machine and options you'd like to have on your account. Once you've decided, finish the signup process and you'll get your network information and you can get your machine ready to ship.

If you've purchased a Mac mini from us, we'll have it installed within one business day. (But usually much faster.) We'll send you an email when it's ready.

What if I want to ....?
Have multiple machines behind a router of your own? Host a very high bandwidth site? Incorporate DNS load balancing on multiple machines? Whatever it is, feel free to contact us and we'll get creative with you on a solution.

How do I control the Mac mini?
There are a variety of remote control tools available such as Timbuktu, Apple Remote Desktop or VNC. OS X provides Screen Sharing free of charge. With these tools, it is just like sitting in front of your Mac no matter where you are in the world.
How do I control my account with Macminicolo?
We offer a support site where you can watch bandwidth, change personal information, and update your credit card.

What if I need to reboot?
If your machine locks up, you can use the remote power control. This will allow you to turn on and off the electricity to the mini. It is accessible from the web, password protected and assigned one per mini. If you choose not to sign up for Remote Reboot, just file a support request ticket and we'll do it manually.

What applications or other software can I run on my Mac mini?
You may run whatever software you like as long as it does not violate our acceptable use policy. (In short; no SPAM, open relays, illegal activity or adult/obscene material.) For all kinds of software suggestions, take a look at our company blog or Here is 50 ways to use your Mac server.

How much does it cost?
It starts at $35/mo. See our pricing page. The costs will update at the bottom of the page while you choose options. The prices are tax free and there are no hidden costs.

Do I get my own IP address?
Yes. Each Mac mini hosted at has a unique, routable static IP address. You can also request more if you need them.

Can I run a different operating system on my mini?
Yes, you can run OpenBSD, Windows, Linux or any other OS on your Mac mini. However, we are primarily a Mac minded place. We'll do our best to work with you on installs/problems, but it would certainly be in your best interest to have the OS installed and ready to go before you ship us the mini.

What about a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)?
In addition to a static, routable IP address, each Mac mini is given a unique host name like:

We can also setup a reverse DNS record for your machine at no cost.

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Can you help me set my machine up?
If you buy the machine thru Macminicolo, we'll setup the machine with Screen Sharing (or ARD) and SSH then hand it over to you. However, if you need further help with setting up websites, FTP service, etc then we can likely help with that as well. Upon signup, let us know what you're looking for and we'll let you know the options.

How fast is the network?
The network is very fast. The Mac mini will have access to a 100Mb/s line and you're welcome to use as much of the pipe as you need. If you find you need more speed than that, we can increase up to 1Gb/s. To give you an idea of our connectivity, take a look at this graph of the carriers in our facility.

Do I have physical access to my Mac mini?
In order to keep security to high standards and costs low, we cannot allow anyone into the data center itself.

What if my mini needs to be serviced?
We will either service it for you or send it back to you. There are also four Apple Stores here in Las Vegas and we can get the machines there if you desire. For our part, the fees are quite simple. They include a $20 "Remote Hands" fee if it is something that needs to be done within one business day. If it is more urgent, an "Urgent Remote Hands" will cost $99 and be done within 4 hours, night or day. Users who cannot afford to be down should consider joining our hot standby club and/or including Remote Reboot on your machine.

New Mac OS X releases? Move from client to server? No problem. If you need to upgrade or re-install an OS, this would fall under Remote Hands as well.

What do you need me to send in with my Mac mini?
Please send in the Mac mini and the power cord. We have all software on hand and will get any licenses from you if necessary.

How can I backup the data on my mini?
For an additional fee you can add an external hard drive to sit near your mini. Over the years, we've seen the least complex backup be the most stable. Personally, we use the internal drive as the daily drive. Then, a 2TB BUS-powered external drive partitioned. One partition is the same size as the internal drive and clones each night with SuperDuper. (This is useful in case we need to boot from it right away.) The rest of the drive is used with Time Machine and just runs on its own. Read more on how to backup your Mac mini server on our blog.

Can I share my Mac mini?
Yes, you control access to your Mac mini. If you wish to share the access that is your decision. It is not prohibited. Many consultants will use their mini to provide services to their own clients.

What happens when I'm done hosting with Macminicolo?
Whether you buy a machine from us, or send in one of your own, it's your machine and we'll get it back to you. If you have no use for the machine, we'll likely be able to resell it to another customers. We'll work that out when it's time.

Where can I find a copy of the terms and conditions?

Do you offer a referral program?
Yes, we offer a "Refer A Friend" program. Any macminicolo customer that refers a new customer will receive their next month of colocation free of charge. Just be sure they mention your name on the signup form.

Is Macminicolo as great as they say it is?
If we’re being humble, we’ll say it’s better to ask our customers and see what they say. If we’re being honest, then yes. Macminicolo is pretty great.