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We are happy to announce a new service from Macminicolo called With this service, we'll provide a powerful Mac mini so developers can use it as a remote continuos integration server with the new Xcode server in Mavericks. All your developers and staff can work on your projects from anywhere in the world. You can also opt to attach an iPod Touch and iPad if you'd like to have your app built on real hardware.

Apple provides a free copy of OS X Server to all developers, iOS and Mac. Once is installed, the service “automates the integration process of building, analyzing, testing and archiving your app." And since you have the server in a very high end data center, you're welcome to setup the web, mail, or any other service you'd like to use.

To celebrate this new service, we're giving away ten copies of Day One app for Mac and iOS. The developers behind this award-winning app have been using a CI server at Macminicolo for sometime. They've reported the server here as critical in their development. In fact, not too long ago, their webhost was having issues so they moved to their mini too and found a performance increase on serving up their site.

To enter you just need to retweet this message on Twitter. We'll pick ten winners and DM you to let you know that you've won.

If you're a developer or development team that would like streamline your development and testing, go check out And if you have any questions, you can send us a note or reach us on twitter @macminicolo.


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Macminicolo, a Las Vegas based company, has been hosting Mac minis since their introduction in January 2005. We are the leaders in this niche market and are known for our personal service and advanced data center. We currently host hundreds of Mac minis for satisfied customers located in 56 different countries around the world. Find us on Twitter @macminicolo or on our company blog.