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Seven years of Macminicolo

imageToday marks seven years of Macminicolo. We've been hosting Mac minis here in Las Vegas since 2005 and now we have a high end facility full of Mac minis. How about just a few quick numbers:

We have customers in 47 countries. In other words, one out of every four countries has a Macminicolo customer. Now that's just neat to think about sometimes. And it's not just a high quantity of customers, but also high quality customers. Some customers have been here since day one and we really work hard to keep them. 

Second, right now the Macminicolo twitter account has 699 followers. How poetic will it be if we get number 700 on our seventh birthday? You can help if you'd like to Follow @macminicolo

But the most important number is this, 1429%. That is the increase in benchmarks from the first Mac mini to the current generation Mac mini. Maybe a graph will help? The image below marks the benchmarks of each Mac mini release, with the mid-2011 showing both the dual-core and the quad-core options. Benchmarks come from Geekbench at Primate Labs, a great developer we are proud to call a customer.


So here is to seven great years of Macminicolo and the Mac minis themselves. If you'd like to host a Mac mini, you can see the pricing here or ask some more questions at our contact page.