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Quick look at the 4K HDMI Adapter

A while back, we wrote up a review about an HDMI adapter for a headless Mac mini and the post has been very popular. In fact, it has been so popular that the manufacturer of the adapter reached out to us to thank us for all the business we sent their way. These adapters really are great little units. 


In our email exchange, they also mentioned their new product, a HDMI adapter that brings 4K. Wow. This would be ideal if you need to render for 4K, want a huge resolution for screen sharing, or you just need to test your software with 4K. 

We plugged one into a Mac mini, and sure enough, it gave the 4K option.(which looked huge on my 27in iMac) The adapter even showed the new generic 4K monitor that was improved with 10.9.3. 


Around here, we use the regular HDMI adapter because it accelerates the GPU and brings great performance in Screen Sharing. But, if you want the adapter with the 4K option, it's available on Amazon as well. 

Update: We've heard from some folks that their Mac won't show all the resolutions that these screenshots show. We've heard from the manufacturer of the adapters and they mentioned that it is a limitation with the OS X display applet. As a work around, they suggest the free app called "Display Menu" from the Mac App Store


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