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Our plans for Xcode Server and the Mac Pro

imageAt WWDC last week, Apple announced two things that really caught our attention at Macminicolo. 

Xcode Server will be included in This is huge. A number of customers here already use their minis as CI servers. (Here's a post on how the developers of Day One use their CI server.) Jenkins is great, but Xcode Server is drop dead simple. We've been testing it here. When it becomes publicly available, we'll have a  specific package that includes a server, an iPad and an iPod touch. Everything you need to develop and collaborate your code. 

The Mac Pro is another great release. It's smaller size, and crafted design, will make it great for a data center. We knew right away that we'd be hosting them so our colocation space is all ready for the Mac Pros. We plan to keep them vertical as that is how they were designed by Apple. We've had confirmation that it's the ideal position. (History note: when we first started Macminicolo in 2005 we kept Mac minis horizontal as they were designed. However, when a few of the original Mac mini design team also becomes customers, they confirmed it was fine to keep them on their side. These confirmations are important to us because it's not our hardware, it's yours.) Most people will be fine with a Mac mini. They're very capable. But for those ready to jump to a Mac Pro, they should be incredible servers. 

If you'd like to keep up as the Xcode Server and Mac Pro options become available, follow us on twitter @macminicolo.


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