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New posts on the MacStadium blog | Macminicolo Blog - Tips, tutorials and reviews on running a Mac mini server

New posts on the MacStadium blog

As we continue the merge with MacStadium, most of the new blog posts have been written on the MacStadium blog. Here are a few you may have missed if you aren't following over there:

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Tips on upgrading from OS X 10.11 to macOS 10.12: For the most part, things have been smooth but there are some things to watch for in the upgrade. And get a good backup.

A review of a "New Mac" scented candle: Yes, you read that right. It's what we all said we'd do some day but never got around to doing.

How to setup a Mac server as an MDM using Profile Manager: Super useful for small businesses, or even families that are starting to get a lot of iOS devices in the home.

Setup a file server with Resilio on a Mac mini: It's a secure and simple file sync server. It's much like running Dropbox on your own hardware.

We've written VPN tutorials for the last 5 releases of OS X and we'll soon be posting the tutorial for macOS Sierra. Keep an eye on the Macstadium twitter account for that and other future posts.