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Macminicolo turns ten


Today marks ten years of Macminicolo. We started just a couple days after the Mac mini was released. (In case you missed it, I also wrote about my ten years of watching and working with the Mac mini.)

I've thought a lot about the company and what has made it last over the years. I think it really boils down to three things. 

First, offer personal service.  Send us an email and get one back quickly that is personal and informed. Reach us on iMessage or AIM/iChat. I just want to be available on the tools you already use every day. 

Second, prices that are fair for the customer and the company. It's important to find the right place where a customer feels like they are getting the value for which they pay. It also needs to be a price that can keep a company sustained for ten years. I've seen a lot of other companies come along to host Mac minis. Usually, they try to undercut us and eventually they go out of business or they spread to other services, pulling focus from  their Mac mini customers. Just be fair and offer value.

Finally, work with great hardware. The Mac mini doesn't get enough credit for being so reliable. People can be hesitant of the spinning disk or the single ethernet port. Over the years, the Mac mini has proved incredibly good as a server. The hardware last years when they are rarely moved and always stored in a controlled environment like a data center. 

Thank you to all of the great customers we've been working with over the years. We still have some customers from those very first months of business. Thanks for supporting the company and for spreading the word. 


About Macminicolo

Macminicolo, a Las Vegas based company, has been hosting Mac minis since their introduction in January 2005. We are the leaders in this niche market and are known for our personal service and advanced data center. We currently host hundreds of Mac minis for satisfied customers located in 56 different countries around the world. Find us on Twitter @macminicolo or on our company blog.