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How to host a Mac mini server

Sometimes we’ll hear from our customers after they’ve signed up and they’ll write something like, “If we would have know it was this easy to get started, we would have started a long time ago.”

This makes us wonder if others are intimidated by the startup process because they’ve never done it before. To help, here is what it takes to get a Mac mini in a data center:

1) Visit our signup page. There you can choose which options you’d like for your account. You can also purchase the the Mac mini if you prefer that route. After the form is submitted, you will receive your network information and the shipping address in an email.

2) You can then build your Mac mini at home just how you’d like it to run. You can preload data, setup your users, etc. Before sending the machine in you’ll want to be sure you enter your new IP address and enable Screen Sharing so you can reach the Mac mini when it’s here. Once done, just send it to the Macminicolo data center.


3) We’ll watch for the machine to arrive, get it installed and let you know it’s ready with an email. As long as you can reach it, we won’t even need to log into your server. You are then able to control the machine however you’ve set it up. When you connect with Screen Sharing, the machine will have all the benefits of being in a data center but still respond like it’s sitting in front of you. 

That’s pretty much it. And if you buy the Mac mini through us, then it’s even easier. We usually have some used Mac minis available as well.  It’ll take about one business day for us to get the machine, set it up in our data center, and then hand over control to you. You can then change any passwords/users that you want to change.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.